Are you pondering how to compose your essay while seated in front of a computer? Writing a college essay or paper is a necessary component of the university experience. Still, it is not sufficient to submit pages containing hundreds of words in order for the professors to approve the paper. An essay must have a logical structure and a coherent narrative that adequately addresses the topic and confidently expresses the author’s knowledge, thought, or opinion on a particular subject. Therefore, achieving the ideal essay can be a difficult and stressful task for English college students, particularly if it is one of their professors’ favourite assignments and they are frequently required to write one or more essays per week on unimaginable topics.

Searching for reliable and trustworthy academic writing service in the UK? You are in the right place. By reading our essay writing service reviews, you can get industry insights, cases, and the best essay writing service ratings that are aimed to make your lives easier.


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    It’s not easy to find legitimate and reputable essay writing services. It took us a lot of time before we could honestly say that, yeah, this or that platform is the best essay writing service in the UK

    Are you looking for a truly professional and reliable essay writing service in the UK to reduce the stress of writing a lot of essays? Great! We’re here to help you find qualified essay writers in the UK who can deliver superb essay writing reviews of our secret buyers!

    Here at Uk Best Essays, we’re committed to assisting students to make the right choice of an online essay writing service. We do that by reviewing some of the most popular UK essay writing services and giving them rating according to a number of quality indicators, including:

    • quality of essay writing
    • speed of delivery
    • customer service availability
    • price

    The main purpose of Uk Best Essays is to help you choose the best essay writing service uk and avoid scams. Unfortunately, there are lots of scam websites out there that deliver plagiarized essays while charging students unbelievable prices.

    We think that reviews of the best UK essay writing services are a good way to differentiate between legitimate companies and scams, so we did our best at writing detailed reviews that you need to make a well-informed decision.

    How does UkBestEssays Produce Essay Writing Service Reviews?

    The process that we use here at UkBestEssays is pretty sophisticated and delivers great results:

    Step 1: Research

    At this point, we search for essay writing services in UK using specific keywords and add them to our list. This process is ongoing because more and more companies enter the industry, and many of them present themselves as “best essay writing services in uk.”

    It’s a little bit weird to us that someone would call their company “the best” after being in the industry for less than one month, so we find out whether essay writing services are as great as they claim to be.

    Step 2: Analysis

    A selected essay writing service uk is analyzed by using a number of specific factors before the contact. They include:

    • Design of the website. A poorly designed website that takes about 10 seconds to load is a strong predictor that the company doesn’t care for customer experience as much as it should. Errors like missing pages, broken links, and complex navigation are also taken into account.
    • Payment. At this point, we check whether the service has a secure payment system to guarantee that the customers’ funds are protected. Also, we compare the prices to the average in the industry to identify their price category and make better recommendations to students.
    • Customer Service. Does this UK essay writing service have a readily available customer service? What communication channels are available (email, live chat, etc.)? Does their customer service work 24/7?
    • Reviews. If the website of an essay writing service has a section with reviews, we read them and analyze for authenticity. In many cases, a lack of such a section suggests that a company may be a scam.
    • Discounts. We check if the service has some discounts or other perks for regular or first-time clients.
    • Writers. Many legitimate UK essay writing services allow to see the list of their best writers, which we especially like since it provides additional hints about the scope of their business or, in some cases, qualifications of writers.

    Step 3: Contact

    Now that we have enough information about an essay service, we proceed to the next step: contact. At, we have persons acting as secret shoppers, and they do most of the work at this point. Here’s what they do:

    • A secret shopper contacts an essay writing service looking for quality British essay writers. He or she has a certain academic task to write, such as an essay, research paper, a presentation, or another paper
    • The secret shopper places an order and provides the service with all materials and information they need to write an excellent paper
    • The secret shopper asks if they can select a specific writer to complete their UK essay
    • The shopper receives the paper and deletes their account on their website in case the creation was a mandatory requirement.

    Step 4: Evaluation

    At this step, we analyze the results. We think that the best reviews are those that provide maximum value, so we try to include as much relevant information as possible. For example, we try to answer the following questions to help you make the best choice:

    • Was the price of the order higher than the industry average?
    • Was the customer service readily available? Was it professional? Was it available for questions?
    • How was the communication with the writer? Was he/she available for additional instructions or questions?
    • Does the service provide any discounts for loyal or first-time customers?
    • How was the quality of the academic writing received? Formatting style?
    • Was the essay delivered on time?
    • Were there any unexpected issues that emerged during the project?
    • How was the overall customer experience?
    • Would we recommend this UK essay writing service to others?

    Step 5: Sharing the Essay Review with You!

    Now that we have completed a full review of a selected essay writing service, we post the review at WEBSITE so you can find out about our experience.

    What are the Signs of a Legit Essay Writing Service?

    So far, our experience has told us that even well-designed websites that may seem to be legit can turn out to be a scam. That’s why our number one rule about creating quality UK essay writing service reviews is to gather as much information as possible.

    Often, we encounter that the following sings are strong predictors of a legit essay writing service:

    • A secure payment system
    • Positive reviews from previous customers
    • Fast-loading, well-designed website
    • A well-maintained blog
    • 24/7 customer service.

    Are All Essay Writing Services the Same?

    No. While many of them share a lot of features, the most important difference that’s relevant to you as a customer is the way in which they assign writers to complete orders. According to our reviewers, there are two main ways: an assignment system (the traditional one) and a bidding system.

    Here’s a comparison of these two systems.

     Essay Writer AssignedEssay Bidding System
    How does it work?You select the writer’s expertise but the final choice of the writer is made by the writing serviceWriters bid to complete your order after having read the instructions
    Advantages for customers
    • Writer selection is done fast
    • The service is likely to select a good writer because they don’t want to undermine their image
    • If the writer did a great job, you can request him/again
    • You may get a better price because you’ll be selecting among at least several options and even negotiating
    • You can get a qualified writer with a proven record of excellence
    Disadvantages for customers
    • You may not get the most qualified essay writer because the final choice is made by the company
    • The price is set by the service, so there’s no way you can negotiate it
    • Choosing an essay writer from tens and even hundreds of bids may take long
    • Some writing services may create fake writer accounts to bid for orders and raise prices

    If you like what you’re reading, why not check essay writing service reviews at UkBestEssays right now?