When we saw, we were immediately impressed. This service offers some of the most affordable prices we’ve seen in the writing industry. Pair that cheap offer with a professional-looking website, and you get a winning combination. Or do you?

Of course, the price and appeal are not the only factors that matter. When a student is about to order a paper online, they are also worried about the types of services, level of quality, and customer support they are going to get. To provide you with a detailed review, we measured all aspects of the service. We ordered a paper to see what quality these writers delivered.

Things to Order

When we checked the list of services, we were disappointed. In the main menu, you’ll see Services. When you click on it, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the following options: buy an essay, law essay, MBA essay, nursing essay, write my essay. Basically, the list of services includes essays and essays only.

The order form, however, is a bit more extensive in that area. You can’t see this on the main page, but the service also delivers thesis and dissertation projects, coursework, admission papers, and more. It also includes a service paraphrasing, which is a bit problematic and we’ll tell you why later on in our review.

What Are the Prices? Are There Any Discounts?

The prices are the highlight. Basic quality costs from £7.99 to £17.99 per page; Premium comes with prices from £8.99 to £18.99, and Platinum quality is priced from £9.99 to £19.99 per page. The available deadlines range from 10 days to 6 hours.

There is no Assignment Ace discount to count on. But who needs a discount when the regular prices are already affordable, right?

Is the Quality Good Enough?

We ordered a unique essay at this website. It was with a topic from British medieval history. It was no good. We’re sorry to say that we received paraphrased content. Copyscape recognized parts of it as plagiarism. When we checked out the source that Copyscape indicated, we realized the entire paper was paraphrased from it, and there was absolutely no reference.

This is a problem. It’s plagiarism even if it can avoid plagiarism search engines with minor adjustments.

No; the quality was no good. The writer offered to revise the content only to avoid plagiarism detection, but that did not solve our issue with paraphrasing. We paid for an original paper and we did not get it.

Customer Support

The customer support system worked fine. There’s a live chat and the agents are available during working hours. However, they couldn’t help with our requirement for revisions.

Overall Level of Satisfaction

We were not happy with the results we received from Assignment Ace service. Yes; the price is very affordable, so this service may work for students who need a cheap essay and don’t worry about plagiarism issues. For us, this was a waste of money.