British Essay Writer Review

Being a college student, you must need to submit a lot of academic papers and essay every now and then. Though it may not sound that tough, a lot of students find it hard to cope up with the regular submissions and often fall behind the schedule. Sooner or later, these students look for alternate options like taking professional writing help.

However, you cannot trust every single company out there. Especially, if you are a British student, you will find a hard time getting help from companies offering true native UK writers. If you Google a bit, you will surely find the name of BritishEssayWriter who offers native UK writers for taking care of your writing needs.

Today, our mission would be to help you assess the true quality of their services through our British essay writer UK review. So, stay along us as we are about to share you our practical experience taking their services.

British Essay Writer Website Review: First Impression

Okay, to speak the truth, the first look at the website doesn’t feel that great. The website UI is quite old and certainly believe that there are a lot of room for website UI development and design. The design feels quite outdated. It could make one thinking – is British essay writer good?

However, we are not here to judge the look of their website. It is the quality that matters to us. So, let’s try to find out the answer of the first question that pops to one’s mind seeing an online based writing service – is British essay writer UK safe?

There are two things about these academic writing companies that should concern you. First, will they keep your identity confidential to the public eyes? And second, is the company’s payment method safe?

Judging by the completed orders of 10,108, we can assume that they have been in the business for a long time and has the ample amount of experience handling the orders of the students. They have 450 active writers too. So, shouldn’t worry about them being a small company – they are quite serious and planning to stay in the business for a long time.

Their money-back guarantee and the promise of 100% satisfaction is quite the selling point.

So, our final judgement about them being a legit company or not is quite clear. They are a legal and legit company and you shouldn’t worry about any misleading and sabotaging negative review of British essay writer that you will find online.

British Essay Writer Review: What Services Do They Provide?

So, one thing is quite clear that they are a reliable company. But are they capable of meeting your needs? How many services do they offer? Is BritishEssayWriter UK reliable?

Let’s find out the answer to these questions now.

As we were browsing through their website, we saw a top banner where they had mentioned only six different kinds of services. These are as follows –

  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • Assignment
  • Essays
  • Coursework
  • Case study

There are lot of other companies having so many services to their customers. So, we were kind of worried about them being incompetent. H9wever, if you think about it, these are all the common and mostly recurring types of submissions that are bugging you.

So, yes, they don’t have a lot of services like other companies but they have all the common ones that should be enough to handle your needs. Afterall, you need quality, better pricing, and quick turn-around time – nothing else matters!

British Essay Writer UK Pricing

Let’s talk about the most important decision-making parameter – British essay writer prices. Can we call them truly affordable?

There is one that you should know first. Most of the native companies would charge about £20 for a single page of an essay. So, that is the average pricing if you are looking for true native English writing.

In comparison with that, the pricing of BritishEssayWriter starts at £15.90. So, it seems that they have a pretty solid and affordable pricing. However, we should tell you that the pricing of £15.90 is for a high school level essay. If you are looking for a college level or a masters level quality, you will have to spend more.

Some, of you may say that the pricing is quite high. But we would argue on that point. You see, if you are looking for actual native writer, you will have to pay more.

Take a look at this summary pricing table and you will have a better idea about their policy –

High SchoolCollegeUndergraduateMasterPh.D.
Lowest Rate £15.67 £17.77 £21.60 £24.74 £27.00
Highest Rate £35.32 £37.27 £40.86 £43.79 £45.90

What are looking for? The discounts, right? Yes, they offer discounts too. On you first order, you will get 15% off. They even offer different discount codes too. You should try out those discount codes. Moreover, if you are ordering online, you will get even lower prices.

How Long is British Essay Writer Org UK In the Business?

It takes years for a company to become a reliable brand and that is true for an academic writing company too. The amount of experience that company has makes a lot difference. You can easily trust a company with more experience to offer a better service as they have a brand name to secure.

So, the question is – is BritishEssayWriter trustworthy?

BritishEssayWriter is in the writing business for more than fifteen years. One thing is for sure that this not a rookie number as the industry is only about twenty years old. So, you could easily call them one of the oldest brands out there. That is a big plus for the British essay writer review.

As far as the customer opinion and testimonials, they have 96.9% positive feedback from their customers. If you are still worried about their reliability, that number should help you relax.

Our Experience: Can They Offer Genuine Professional British Essay Writer?

As we planned on making this review, we decided to scrutinize every single factor. Let’s start with the customer support as you will be in contact with them first. You could reach them out via direct phone call, live chat or good-old-fashioned e-mails. Before placing an order, we talked elaborately about their services with the customer care representatives.

They were very professional and has knowledge on everything related to academic writing. They would even help you pick the right order if you are not familiar with the process.

We know that the quality of the writing is the most important thing that you are looking for when you are seeking help from the professionals. We decided to put them through the acid by ordering a five-page essay on “Urbanization and Its Impact on Nature” within just three hours.

Even the best writers in the world will struggle to come up with a quality essay within this short notice.

We were stunned seeing that they delivered the essay in just two hours. We were very skeptic about the quality and started looking for flaws to complain about. Surprising, we didn’t find anything. The grammar was perfect, didn’t find any typos, and not a single trace of plagiarism.

The best part about the essay was how the writer did justice to the topic. We were sure that the writer has prior knowledge about the topic and made a compelling piece of writing.

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