EssayAce review

When we looked for a year of establishment, we found no indication as to when started offering writing services. The small number of reviews online indicates that the company has started working recently, which is why we decided to evaluate it and show you if this is the best writing service for your academic papers.

Services Offered

You will not know the full list of services unless you open the ordering page. has to do some serious website content revising, since even their free calculator does not mention that the company offers other services from essays.

If you take a look at the website, you’ll probably think they offer essays only and look elsewhere for your assignments. However, the ordering section offers the choice between a variety of services. These services include the most commonly assigned academic papers.

For those looking for more specific content such as presentations, speeches or lab reports, you will have to look elsewhere. The list here is solid, but limited to the most common papers only.

Pricing and Discount Options

Essay Ace does not provide students with a pricing list or any information about the pricing, unless they sign in with the service and provide them with their personal information. Having to share your e-mail, full name and even phone number in order to get a quote for a paper is not only time-consuming, but very frustrating, too.

Students rarely have the time to go through all this trouble and there isn’t really a reason why a company would hide their pricing, is there?

To help you out, we have ordered a paper from the company. Our research paper cost £12.99 per page when ordered within 5-day deadline and highest grade. This makes for an extremely low price, which made us seriously doubt the promises of highest quality the company makes.

As for discounts, there is no indication of any discount on the official website of this company. Therefore, do not expect to get a discounted price to test the service for the first time or get rewarded with a lifelong discount if you keep ordering from this provider.

If the quality is good, the lack of discounts is not really a barrier. The prices are too cheap to start with.

Quality of Delivered Content

As we suspected, this is one of the companies who attracts customers by offering incredibly low prices. Even though we ordered our paper by requesting the highest quality, the paper we got fitted perhaps the 2:2 standard, nothing more.

If this was the best the company can do, we are very disappointed by the service. The research paper we got did not even have a research paper structure, not to mention the completely inappropriate citing and use of irrelevant, non-factual and unreliable sources.

Customer Service Quality and Availability

The customer service is easy to reach and very friendly in answering your questions. We contacted them via the live chat and got prompt answer, but the agent still did not want to share a pricelist with us. He suggested that we fill in the ordering form and share our personal information to get the quote.

Conclusion offers incredible prices that would make any student order their paper from this service. However, the low quality of our paper made us believe that this company is not worth your time or money, since you would have to spend hours revising the paper after delivery. Their customer service and list of services is solid, but without good quality, we simply cannot vouch for a writing service.