EssayBot Review

This article contains a comprehensive EssayBot review. It’s an AI-powered website that assists students with academic paper writing. We have compiled all of the details about EssayBot’s services and quality, as well as rates, deadlines, and users’ EssayBot reviews.


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    This writing platform claims to provide students with the necessary help in their writing. It’s an algorithm that looks for stuff that’s relevant to the topic. The website is straightforward and lacking in functionality.

    What is the mechanism behind it? It allows students to type in their paper’s topic or title. The site then provides content related to this topic in order to achieve the word count. A student can select a good paragraph, and EssayBot will paraphrase it and include it in the work. At first glance, it does not appear to be very obvious. The key feature is that it provides numerous paragraphs as blocks to fill in the blanks on the paper. There are additional ideas for citations. EssayBot is more of a constructor than an essay writing service. It also promises to be free, but we’ll investigate this further later in the study. On the website, there is also a constant reminder regarding registering, which is inconvenient and bothersome.

    There’s also a plagiarism and grammar checker on the site. We’ll see how useful these tools are in our Essay Bot review. To ensure that our rating is objective, we’ll also use Essay Bot reviews from real clients.

    At the bottom of the main page, there are examples of the articles. These links, however, are not clickable and instead redirect to an error page. It means that a student has no idea what they will get at the end of the course before they begin, which is not ideal. Even at first sight, the platform appears sketchy and unhelpful, but let’s explore a little more.

    Essay Bot Review of Prices

    Let’s talk about one of the platform’s primary claims now. If you look up this service, you’ll notice that it advertises itself as “free.” In actuality, it isn’t the case. Of course, a student can use it without registering at first, but you’ll need to log in and pay for a membership whenever you want to receive the paper you’ve worked on.

    It means that you can work on a paper for hours, type it in, use sources, and then lose all of your hard work if you refuse to pay. When it comes to subscriptions, there are a few options:

    A trial week costs $2.49. Yes, you read that correctly: a paid trial is available for $9.95 per month, $24.95 per quarter, $45.90 for half a year, and $59.40 for a year.

    Also, there are no Essaybot discounts, yet the lower the charge is the longer the period you pay for. However, these are extremely costly rates for such services, particularly when they claim to be free.

    Essay Bot Review of Quality

    In contrast to the professional writers discussed in our essay services reviews, there isn’t much to say about essay bot writers because there aren’t any. There is no human behind the screen who can provide high-quality assistance with a university assignment because it is an AI-powered generator. This algorithm suggests a topic-related paragraph, paraphrases it and then continues your sentence with online searches.

    It’s an essay writing bot that can only provide results from the first and second pages of Google search results. It might be useful for certain people, but you can find all of it on your own. The purpose of the paraphrasing feature is to make the content unique so that it can pass the plagiarism check. However, it is quite simple — it simply substitutes immediate synonyms for all other words. This is easily detectable by any college lecturer. Not to mention that the paper reads strangely after paraphrasing, with several parts that make no sense and grammar and punctuation mistakes.

    This essay bot free writer is not the same as a professional academic writing service with skilled authors who create original papers that will help you achieve a good mark. And no writer can produce high-quality writing in a matter of seconds for no cost.

    As previously stated, the platform includes a plagiarism checker. It will come in handy when writing your college paper. It doesn’t appear to be too awful because it detects similarities in the text provided by the provider. As a result, the website detects content and offers to edit it, making it one-of-a-kind. After that, it doesn’t think it’s unique and looks for parallels with the source. So, what’s the point of all this paraphrasing if the content is still plagiarized?

    On this point, Essaybot contradicts itself. It will verify for uniqueness and show that it is an original work if you add your own sentences and produce an original paper. However, simply using the program is a bit too much effort; there are numerous similar and more reliable tools available online.

    In a nutshell, you don’t receive anything special. You’ll get a copy-pasted content that occasionally makes no sense and isn’t free of plagiarism.

    Short EssayBot Review

    This platform appears to be ineffective and not worth your money, based on what we’ve seen. For such a low price, you won’t receive anything unusual. As a result, our review is bad because it provides no real value. It will not assist you in writing properly. After carefully examining all of the features and services, we’ve arrived at the following conclusion: It is a complete waste of time and money to subscribe to this AI generator. Paraphrasing is also terrible, as it isn’t readable and isn’t free of plagiarism.