With a blog containing a single article, we find the activity on the website to be very concerning. In addition to this, we could not find any indication whatsoever as to when the company was established. Even though there is plenty of feedback online, the feedback is also very varied, which is why we decided to check if the company is legit and a good choice for your academic assignments.

Services Offered

If you open the Services page of the company, you’ll get the impression that this writing service delivers only essays. The page lists various types of essays, but no other paper at all.

However, once you open the Ordering page, you will find that the company actually has a lengthy list of academic services, including the most commonly assigned papers and some more specific ones like PowerPoint presentations and speeches.

This makes for a good list of services, but the company needs to do some serious website content changes.

Pricing and Discount Options

From what we could see in the free calculator, prices do not depend on the academic level. Students are given a choice between two quality standard options: Standard and Premium, and the difference in cost between the two is small.

We found this to be a bit strange, since most companies that do not offer the option of choosing an academic level allow for three quality levels. If your academic level is somewhere in the middle of the academic scale, which option will you choose?

Unfortunately, there is no information as to which quality standard fits which academic level, so we’d recommend contacting the customer support regarding this issue, or ordering the more expensive version, just to be sure.

According to the pricelist, an essay with the longest deadline costs £10.39 for Standard and £11.99 for Premium quality. The same essay would reach a price of £19.98 and £21.58 per page for the shortest deadline of 24 hours, respectively.

Even though these are extremely cheap prices and therefore very inviting, the lack of shorter deadlines than 24 hours is very concerning. This means that students with urgent deadlines cannot use the company for assistance.

There is no discount to be found on the official website, probably since the original prices are incredibly low to start with. In most cases, we consider the lack of discounts a disadvantage, but in this case, it is quite expected.

Quality of Delivered Content

When we find pricing such as this one, we are not as excited as students are. Why? Because we know that a legit company cannot produce quality content at an unreasonable price, because to achieve this, they’d have to hire the best writing experts to write the papers.

Unfortunately, in this case, we were right. Even though the pricing is quite inviting, the paper of the Premium quality essay we ordered was far from what we expected. It was poorly written and contained a serious amount of plagiarized content.

This was very disappointing – especially since we chose the better quality option!

Customer Service Quality and Availability

The customer service is prompt and very professional, but in order to reach them, you have to provide your full name and e-mail address. We did not really understand the reason for this, but still decided to get in touch and see how the customer service works.

Generally, we were satisfied by their response.


When you see the pricing of, you will immediately want to choose this service. However, we recommend that you think carefully and consider every feature the company offers. In our experience, the company failed to deliver quality papers, which is crucial for a custom writing service.