How do I choose the best writing service?

The world has changed, the college students don’t just study and hang out with their friends these days. The number of students working on their own projects to support them financially has skyrocketed over the years. Such drastic changes are mostly caused by the rise of technology and a broader variety of online-based businesses. So, the students tend to have less time for their studies.


So, how do they cope up with the academic pressure? Well, everyone has their own strategy at play. But, for academic writings such as essay writing, they are seeking help from the online based essay writing service.

As the process of submitting academic papers ordered from online services don’t appear to be “white” in everyone’s eyes, there are a huge number of fake companies and scams out there robbing off the students.

So, how could you be on top of the game and choose a legit essay writing service from all these cheap scams out there?

We have found some “real” solutions that could help in such a tricky situation. What are they? Stick with us throughout the article and we will tell you everything about it.

What is Essay Mill?

First of all, we need to get you to familiarize with a specific term called “Essay Mill.” In simple words, an essay mill is a company who offers academic writing services to the students. So, they are basically selling people essays, thesis papers, research papers, and so on.

There is another similar service called the essay bank. An essay will not write you an essay rather they would hand you a pre-written essay. It is a cheaper option compared to the essay mill. However, the stakes are higher as there is a serious chance of getting caught this way as you will be getting plagiarized content.

If you think that the idea of essay mills is relatively new, then you are getting things wrong here. They were even available in the 1950s.

Although, the academic community has always accused these essay mills of helping the students to commit academic fraud. In defense, the companies say that they are only selling these essays to the students for guidance only.

Are They Legal?

If a company is helping a student to commit academic fraud, how are these companies even legal?

This is a legit question and there a lot of controversy about the issue. As we have said, educational professionals are strongly against it. However, there is a funny thing about it. Yes, some may think that the acts of these essay mills are a form of educational fraud. In reality, these companies haven’t broken any law, particularly, any copyright laws.

But how so?

All copyrights owned by the essay mills and they sell the copyright to their customers. But remember, the right to use these essays could be imposed for a limited time in some cases.

In the USA, there is no federal law against such companies. Although, such business policies are banned in some states. So, you need to be sure whether you are allowed to use such online services before jump right at it.

So, the bottom line is – despite being heavily criticized, such business activities are legal. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of facing any legal actions against you.

On the cautionary note, your teachers shouldn’t know that you are taking such activities. Well, in that case, you might get an F!

Criterions of Genuine Essay Writing Services: Your Way to Select the Best Essay Writing Service

So, now let’s talk about the main point. How can you be sure that if an online essay service is legit or not?

First things first, you must check out the website first. Any good and real company will not have a lousy website or web design. However, you shouldn’t fall for the great testimonial at being displayed on the homepage of the website. In most cases, they are paid testimonials and never have a mention of a single flaw of the service.

Secondly, you must check out the line of services the company provides. You should also check for how long the company has been running. No matter what a scam company will not be in the business for years after years. So, if a company has, say, five or more years of experience, it would seem to be a reliable one.

Third and most importantly, check the exact procedure of placing an order and getting the essay handed over to you. Contacting customer support is a simple and convenient way to go for. Never rush and order essay. Always discuss the process being as detailed as possible.

Lastly, always check the forums and customer reviews. In this case, without relying on the detailed reviews, you should put your faith in the customers’ review. They will be honest and will give you the truest answers.

So, that’s how you can differentiate a genuine essay writing service and a fraud one.

How to Choose the Best Writer for Your Essay? Hacking the Online Essay Writing Service

Let’s assume that you have found a trusted and legitimate online service for your essay writing emergency. How you could you identify the truly experienced writers with actual knowledge on the topic.

A sad thing is that many good companies promise that they have M.A. or Ph.D. holder essay writers in their arsenal of writers despite just hiring some freelance writer to tackle the jobs.

A smart move could be going for the essay writing services that have the option to talk to the writer directly or lets you choose one by yourself. Once you are talking to the writer, “have an original conversation with him or her.”

Without asking what is their educational qualification, ask them more specific questions like what was the topic of the thesis in Masters or Ph.D.

Always give them a set of instructions and ask them to stick to it. In this way, you can get the exact essay that you are looking for and if they miss anything or the quality is terrible, you will have a basis for the official complaints. Oh, we almost forgot. Make sure the company has a promise of confidentiality and satisfaction guaranteed.

So, we think, you pretty much have the gist of ordering a custom essay from an essay writing service. If you are careful enough and make sure that a service is legit, you will not have any problem. Also, we want to give a reminder of the fact some companies try to intentionally sabotage genuine and legit services. So, you shouldn’t rush with your instinct and always check you are getting the service from a trusted name in the industry.