MyAssignmentHelp review works with over four thousand experts, which means they can handle hundreds of orders every day. This is also an indication of a company that has many customers, but we could not stop wondering – how does a company select four thousand writers and guarantee high quality paper with every order?

The hiring system would have to be strict and the company would have to work perfectly. To check if this is really something we can expect from, we decided to evaluate all their features and write a review.

Services Offered

All services are clearly listed on the well-designed website, offering you a list of not only academic paper types, but also subjects the company handles. You may find the subjects to be a bit limited, so make sure to check if the company delivers papers for your chosen academic subjects. You would not want to choose the service as your regular provider to find out that they actually offer essays and term papers for subjects you do not learn.

Generally speaking, the list of services is quite solid. If you are satisfied by the subjects’ list for all papers, this may be a good service for all your academic papers.

Pricing and Discount Options does not have a pricelist for you to check. If you want to see whether this company is a good fit for your budget or not, you have to add your personal information such as e-mail address and phone number, as well as ALL the details about your paper, including the title.

This can be time consuming and honestly, really annoying. Why wouldn’t a company list their prices clearly for everyone to see? In addition to having to create a profile with the company to see their prices, you have to wait for a price calculation.

To help you out, we have gone through this process and checked the pricing of the company. A paper for undergraduate level and deadline of 7 days would cost $28.7 for two pages, which is an average price.

Do not expect a discount from this company, since this is also information they do not share with the customers. When our agent gave us the quote for the paper we requested, she said ‘this is the lowest price for the paper’, so we are guessing that if there were any discounts, they have already been calculated.

Quality of Delivered Content

After going through the entire ‘check the price’ process, we decided to order a paper. After all, the pricing was not bad to start with.

Our paper was of solid quality, containing only one minor mistake in content and no plagiarism. It was delivered within the deadline, but lacked some formatting. After sending it for a revision, we got an improved paper.

Customer Service Quality and Availability

We are guessing the agents set the prices manually once you write the details of your order. After waiting for the price for 10 minutes, we decided to go for the option ‘ask the agent for the price’. The website actually says ‘if you are in a hurry to get the price, contact the customer service’.

The agent was professional and very prompt, but she actually continued asking many questions before setting the quote.


In conclusion, writes some quality papers, but they have serious problems with the pricing. Not only you will need to spend quality time on finding out the pricing for your paper, but apparently, how much you will pay is left to the mercy of the customer service agents. Since there is no price list or any indication of a discount, you will never know what the service charges.