When you first land at, a pop-up window greets you. We don’t like pop-ups at all. But this one got our attention right away. It says that the service has 4500+ experts available to help students 24/7. The company guarantees you a grade, and it has a rating of 4.9 out of 14K+ MyAssignmentHelp reviews.

Everything seemed excessive with this company. Are there really that many writers in its team? Are there really that many satisfied customers? How can a service guarantee you a grade when essays are often graded according to a teacher’s preference?

We just had to check and write our own review. We ordered an essay, so we could see how these bold claims work in practice. Read on; we have interesting information to share with you.

Things to Order

At this website, you’ll find a well-versed list of services that includes most types of assignments for different educational levels. The team offers essays, programming assignments, thesis help, online exam help, dissertations, and all types of homework.

The online exam help part was really interesting. If you trust these guys and you’re not ready to attend your own exam, they can help. But how? Will they log in under your name? Will they actually take your test? The website doesn’t give any details. Just general information that students face online and this team can help. If you need this type of service, we strongly recommend you to contact the support agents and seek clarification.

What Are the Prices? Are There Any Discounts?

It’s kind of hard to find the actual prices. There’s even free assistance mentioned in something that looks like a calculator, but don’t be tricked by that; no one will deliver a unique essay free of charge.

Even the chatbot promises free assistance, but then asks you to provide the details of your assignment along your contact information, so you can get an offer by email.

So we did that. We provided the details and got an offer of around £30 per page. It’s not the most affordable price ever, and we kind of hated the complications. All this effort just to get a price?

As for a My Assignment Help discount, you’re supposed to get a discount of up to 30% plus a $20 cash reward, but we’re not quite sure how that system works. We were in a hurry to place an order so we just went for the offer we got via email.

Is the Quality Good Enough?

We ordered an essay for history course. We allowed the writer to choose a topic from the British medieval history and he did that; he picked a pretty narrow issue.

The essay was good. We did not have any negative criticism and we didn’t request reviews.

Customer Support

It’s a chatbot. If you have basic questions that don’t require specific answers, then the bot does its job pretty well. But if you need an actual agent, you’ll need to wait to get attended.

Overall Level of Satisfaction

Overall, the result was good. We received a solid essay that could get a good grade at university. But we did not like the complex pricing system and the exaggerated claims with no proof.