PaperHelp Review

PaperHelp Review of Services

So, what is PaperHelp, and how do they assist students? Their primary services are:

  • Academic writing: the creation of a paper of any form from scratch.
  • Editing and proofreading: Review and enhancement of an existing paper

We refer to these as “basic services” because the Services section of their navigation bar contains twenty options. The issue is that they all fall under the three categories of essential services. The only distinction between these additional services is that they have different names. For instance, if you want an essay written, click on: Write My Paper, Write My Essay, Custom Paper Writer, Pay for Paper, Write My Research Paper, or Essay Writer Free.

PaperHelp offers numerous services that serve essentially the same function.

The worst part is that you will be returned to the homepage if you select any of these options! PaperHelp offers these identical services under various names to reach more Google users searching for these precise terms. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but it is a poor decision that, in the end, only makes the customer experience more perplexing and complicated. No, we are not claiming that their ordering process is difficult, just that it would be simpler and less complicated if they presented their services with only the most essential options on display.

PaperHelp asserts it has a mobile application, but there is no link to acquire it.

PaperHelp APP Review

Once we placed our order, we could monitor and manage it through their app, a feature that caught our attention. While most essay writing services will contact you via email or their portal, only a few will enable you to manage your orders via a mobile application. We were eager to see how this application operated. Unfortunately, the website does not indicate where it can be downloaded. Neither Google Play nor the Apple Store contained any information. A quick Google search reveals almost no results, except for an unofficial website where you can obtain the most recent version of the PaperHelp app, released in 2021. Unfortunately, we were unable to install the app. Now that this is out of the way, we can commence our PaperHelp review.

PaperHelp Ordering Process

The online calculator on nearly all of their pages is the most convenient instrument for placing an order. The required fundamental information is as follows:

  • You desire the following services: writing, editing, and computations
  • High school, undergraduate, Bachelor, and professional levels of education
  • Essay, research paper, literature review, thesis statement, proposal, etc.
  • Number of pages/words
  • Deadline

Once you click on proceed to order, you’ll be taken to a much more detailed form where you’ll have to include all the additional information to help the paper writer understand your assignment.

Since these details are important and can make a difference in how their team of writers reviews and understands your request and matches you with the best writer, having a quick form is a poor choice. This faster option is the default form anyone receives when beginning the shopping process, which could lead to many rushed students not realizing that they can provide more detailed information that could prevent problems in the future.

PaperHelp’s form is both brief and extensive.

Working With Our Writer

After paying for our order, the system assigned one of their expert writers in less than twenty minutes. And we were so fortunate to be elevated to an Advanced writer for free. You can only choose your writer if you have previously worked with PaperHelp and have the writer’s #ID. However, we were eager to meet our writers and determine whether or not they had the necessary skills. Yes, that was the only way to determine who our writer was. Not even a name. The fact that we know nothing about our paper writer is certainly a disadvantage. How do we know that the individual responsible for quality assignments has the necessary experience and knowledge? Sadly, this is a prevalent practice among writing assistance services.

Our anonymous author sent a highly programmed message.

Regarding communication, PaperHelp’s portal’s integrated messaging was more than adequate. While we can’t call the writer if something urgent arises, we can write them whenever we want to check on the status of our request. In any case, we can always contact the company’s helpful support staff. We informed them they could get us with any queries or concerns, but we received no response. We did receive a message when they sent us our papers on time. The only disappointment is that it appeared to have been written by an automaton.

Our writer’s automated notification that our order is complete.

“Dear Client”? They didn’t even bother to address us by our names. As a result, even though our communication was effective and did not cause us any problems, we got the following:

A writer with no identity and no online presence.

Programmed instructions

Therefore, we give PaperHelp’s experience with the writer a score of 6 out of 10. We had no problems, but we were unable to choose our writers, we were unable to look them up online, and most significantly, there was no assurance that we actually spoke with a real person.

Want to learn who is assisting you?

PaperHelp Cost

Before we discuss the quality of the paper we received, let’s address one of the most frequently asked queries. What is PaperHelp’s price? Our four-page nursing essay, due in five days, costs $96 ($24 per page). Currently, PaperHelp’s prices for assignments owing at least 20 days after the order are as follows:

  • $10 for essays for high school
  • $13 for undergraduate college assignments
  • $19 for Bachelor’s level work
  • $17 for Academic papers

These are quite affordable rates! In addition, working with them multiple times allows you to receive promotional and discount codes. They also have a referral program where you can give promotional codes to your peers. They receive a 10% discount, and you receive 10% of what they pay. However, they have two major issues for us.

Writers’ Categories

One is the Writer’s Categories, which you select during the order placement. You own:

  • Basic Writer: Writer at no additional cost
  • Advanced Author: Skilled author with a high customer satisfaction rate
  • The writer with the highest rating is a native English speaker.

The cost of each category depends on your order. For us, employing an advanced writer would have cost an additional $28.8; and a TOP writer would have cost an additional $55.68.Therefore, you can pay more to obtain a writer with more experience and the highest ratings. However, based on our expertise, we were unable to confirm who our writer was or what credentials they held. Our primary issue with this is that they make you believe that you must pay more to receive a paper of superior quality. We acknowledge that, as a custom writing service, they must always guarantee the best possible results, regardless of the client’s willingness to pay.

Additional expenses

Similarly, PaperHelp can provide you with important academic elements or enhanced customer service for a fee.

  • Text-Based Messaging for $3.99
  • $9.99 Table of Contents
  • Add a Summary Page for $14.99
  • The editor’s Check is available for $28.8
  • Standard Plagiarism Report: $9.99 and Turnitin: $29.99
  • VIP Service available for $14.99

VIP Team Support 24/7#1 priority of your orderSMS with order updatesExtended revision period (14 days)Therefore, if we wanted the best possible experience, we would have to pay $250.44 ($96 for the essay, $55.68 for the TOP writer, and $98.76 for all the additional services). As a college essay writing service, they should offer the finest experience and results to their customers.

The fact that you must pay extra for superior customer service and results, as well as for common essay elements such as a table of contents and editor’s review, is the biggest issue we have with PaperHelp. Because of this, we rate their prices as 5/10.

PaperHelp Essay Quality

However, it is now time to discuss the quality of the paper we ordered.


To begin with, we received our assignment one day before the deadline. How did things go? To review the paper, we submitted it to our Chief Editor, who fortunately had positive news.

The essay by PaperHelp was well-written and contained few errors. There were no grammatical errors, the microorganism was introduced in detail, and the paper’s overall structure maintained a consistent flow.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the paper, along with her suggestions for improvement.

Attached to the assignment we ordered are two documents. The essay guidelines were an example of how the essay should be formatted, while the essay instructions explained what sections needed to be included and what information must be present. Our dear writer #13470 followed the instructions and guidelines without any issues and had all the necessary information, including a diagram and a hypothetical scenario in which someone contracts the disease caused by our chosen microorganism. This specific section was omitted. And because it was included in our order, we can say that our writer reviewed both files and comprehended what to do. Because of this, we rate PaperHelp’s clarity as 9/10.

Our author included the necessary diagram.


The essay we received was 100% original and properly cited all the scholarly sources used. However, to receive official proof that their work is original, customers must pay an additional $9.99 for a Plagiarism report.

Citations And Formatting In APA

Our paper required APA 7th Edition formatting. And while our writer adhered to the majority of the formatting guidelines, a few of them were a bit out of date. For instance, according to APA guidelines, headings should be set in the center with no formatting. However, the titles of our essay were aligned to the left and highlighted. They also included a running head, which the most recent version of APA no longer requires. However, these were the only errors we discovered. The formatting and citations of the remaining text were flawless. Therefore, we give PaperHelp’s APA format an 8 out of 10.

Our manuscript contained obsolete APA formatting.

PaperHelp Guarantees

What happens if you don’t like the product and want your money refunded? Does PaperHelp have guarantees? The good news is that they guarantee your money back. The negative news is that the amount you will be reimbursed is case-dependent.

You may only request the money-back guarantee if:

  • There was an error with your payment.
  • There was no suitable writer located for your order.
  • The writer is late in submitting the assignments.
  • You may request a 70% refund if:
  • You wish to cancel the order after a writer has been assigned but before 50 percent of the work has been completed.
  • You may request a 50% refund if:
  • You request a revision, but they are unable to provide one.
  • You wish to cancel the order after the assigned writer has completed over fifty percent of the work.

There is no money-back guarantee if your paper is graded poorly. You must pay close attention to the quality of the paper you receive, as you will only have seven days to request up to three revisions. PaperHelp’s guarantees are adequate, but it’s a drawback that there is no compensation if the paper they send you fails. Of course, if you decide to hire an academic writing service, it’s always a good idea to read and review the work you receive. However, what’s the purpose of money-back guarantees that don’t cover a poor job? As a result, we assign them a 6/10.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

And finally, we must inquire about the legitimacy of PaperHelp. Yes, they delivered high-quality paper on time, so we cannot say they are unreliable or will run away with your money once you pay them. However, the entire process feels completely automated, so you feel like you are always speaking with a robot and not a real person. You never get to know who will help you (you don’t even know their name), and you have no idea if this person has the qualifications to assist you with your assignment. Working with PaperHelp is a game of chance. You have to trust, with no substantial guarantees, that they will assign you a writer who will successfully understand your assignment and deliver a quality essay.

Our Verdict

So, what is our opinion of PaperHelp? Is it valuable? Considering all of our ratings, we give PaperHelp an overall score of 7.8 out of 10. We believe they are a viable option if you seek a somewhat inexpensive paper writing service that can deliver a well-written essay on time. From our experience, the paper we received had only a few formatting errors and a solid structure. PaperHelp may be the right choice if you are in a rush and need a paper written quickly (although the more time you place your order in advance, the higher your chances of receiving quality paper). If you are concerned about who is writing your assignment and what credentials they have to back up their knowledge, you will have a poor experience with them. Their communication process feels overly automated, you do not get to meet your writer, and there are no guarantees for poorly-graded assignments.

PaperHelp Pros

PaperHelp Cons

A few formatting errors marred an otherwise well-written essay.The ordering procedure is simple but could be more exhaustive.
Reasonable pricingWriters are divided into categories
The essay was submitted on time.Too many extra costs for elements that ought to be included.
There are certain quality assurances.The communication procedure is overly mechanized.
Nobody knows who your writer is.
There is no refund policy if the paper obtains a poor grade.