UKedubirdie review

With the cute picture of a bird on the homepage, and the customer service agents that immediately offer their assistance; this seems like a company that has dedicated a lot of time and effort into making customers feel welcomed. However, what every student wants to know is what the company hides behind their website design. To find this out, we did our magic and checked every feature of

Services Offered

Apparently, you can order any paper you need from this service since they work with the ‘hire your own writer’ approach. This makes the entire Services page irrelevant.

This list contains a variety of services, plus the option ‘other’. If you have a paper that’s not in the list, you can always select this option and write down your specific requirements. However, even though the opportunity to order all papers from one company is very inviting, there are two huge disadvantages of this approach.

Firstly, you would have to pick your own writer, which is a time-consuming and tricky job. If you have the luck to find the best writer, you will get a good paper. However, if you rush and choose a writer randomly or without checking their profile, you may end up with a bad paper.

Secondly, there is no guarantee whatsoever that a writer will bid on your paper, nevertheless a writer with the experience required to handle it. Therefore, the company cannot really OFFER an academic paper.

Pricing and Discount Options

Interestingly, you are the one selecting your pricing. When selecting the writer from those who bid on your order, you are also choosing and agreeing on the quote for your paper.

We’d recommend that you take the choosing process very seriously. If you rush into it, you are risking making a bad choice. If you do not take the time to check all writers, you are risking making a bad choice. And most importantly, if you choose a writer based on the lowest bid only, you are very likely to get a bad paper. In our experience, the lowest bids are those from the least experienced writers.

We cannot really say the company is cheap or expensive, since the bids will vary from incredibly low to unreasonably expensive. Unfortunately, this also means that you cannot enjoy any discounts or special offers, since it is not up to the company to provide them. The company here serves as your way to connect to a writer who will write your paper.

Quality of Delivered Content

We cannot really vouch for the quality of delivered content. This is very tricky since it will depend on the writer you’ll choose for your papers.

In our case, we received an average quality paper at a slightly high rate. We decided to opt for this rate since feedback online indicated that low prices always come with terrible papers. Still, the paper we received was not as good as we expected, and yet, we paid a high price for it.

Customer Service Quality and Availability

Yes, the customer service is available all the time and is very professional in serving customers. They immediately approved our request for a revision, but when you choose a bad writer, there isn’t a lot they can do to help.


UK.EduBirdie is a legit writing service with a different approach toward assigning papers. Instead of assigning a writer to your order, they will let you make the choice. However, this is not always as good as it sounds. You can choose a writer and therefore, a price for your paper, but there is no guarantee that your paper will be good.